Training Plans

These 16 week training plans are geared towards the beginner/intermediate cyclist who will be riding in the Wacky Bike Ride event 16 weeks from now. It is ok to start with less than 16 weeks as there is a base period built in.

The plans have a balance between quality training and recovery to get you to the starting line prepared and healthy. The athlete should be able to bike 7.5 miles prior to starting these plans.

The plans was developed by Kim Welk, Endurance Coach, USA Cycling Level 3 Certified Coach, Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Endurance Athlete, and Ironman finisher.

NOTES: *Times are approximate and will vary based on average pace. All ride distances are calculated based on a 15mph average. This should provide a starting point for time allocation etc.

*This schedule is periodized to include a 4 week base, 3 – 3 week builds, 2 weeks peak/transition and 1 week race. Apply using event date.

PROJECT RECYCLE WILL RECEIVE $5 for every plan purchased through this link