The 33 Mile Route

The Wacky 33 mile route includes some amazing views as you leave Larkspur towards Palmer lake.  After a short rest at Palmer lake aid station be ready to cruise down-wind on Highway 105 and head towards Tomah Rd. You might want to take advantage of another aid station at Tomah before the long Climb, Strava Challenge and fans awaiting to cheer you on the ascend! As you descend Tomah Rd be sure to take a right turn on Bear Dance Rd just before you hit the frontage road.  Continue through the beautiful golf course community towards Perry Park Avenue and then back to the Park where there will be cold beverages, great food, massages and more waiting for you in the Food & Fun Zone.

Distance: 32.8 mi

Elevation: + 2,181

Note:  due to safety concerns, NO tag-a-longs or trailers are permitted on the 45, 62, or 100 mile course. All routes subject to change pending permit approval.