Ride Day Information

Registration opens at 5:30am

Start Times

  • 6:00am – Official Start for the 100 Mile Route
  • 6:30am – Official Start for the 62 Mile Route
  • 7:30am – Official Start for the 33 Mile Route
  • 7:30am – Official Start for the 18+ Mile Route
  • 7:30am – Official Start for the 12 Mile Route

We ask all kids and individuals riding with kids should line up in the back.  This allows a safe start for all with no pressure on younger riders

Ride Cutoff Times

All routes will close at 3:30pm, at which point SAG will make a final sweep of the course.

Please note that when we close the route the following will happen:

  • Aid Stations will close and there will be no food or water on the route.
  • There will be no route support at all – SAG, Medical, Mechanics
  • We cannot guarantee that there will be refreshments, etc. remaining at the Finish Festivities
  • To complete the course before it closes please pay attention to the following:
    • Maintain an average speed of 11 mph
    • Do not spend too much time at Aid Stations: stop in, replenish, take a brief break
    • Be aware of the time!

If you do not believe you will be able to complete the routes by closing, please stop your ride at an aid station prior to route closing times. We ask that cyclists call a friend or family member for pick-up off the course.

In the case of inclement and dangerous weather, the route will be closed and we ask that you seek shelter.  If the Ride Director asks you to leave the route and get in a support vehicle but you choose not to please know that you do so at your own risk.   We realize how important it is for everyone to complete the ride however we encourage you to be safe.

Bike Mechanics

There will be Bike Mechanics at all Aid Stations.  The bike shops and mechanics are on site to help with basic repairs and supplies that are $10 or less.  The goal is to keep you on the ride and safe.  Should your bicycle need more expensive supplies please be prepared to compensate the mechanics for the supplies, including tires but not tubes.   We encourage you to make sure your bicycle is in good working order before heading out on the Wacky Bike Ride.

Please carry a tube for your tire with you.

Aid Stations Fueled by Safeway

Aid Stations have a variety of snacks but if you have severe allergies of any kind we recommend that you bring your own snacks.  There will be water and NUUN Hydration .  There will be a mechanic and medical at most Aid Stations.